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July 23, 2021
133262:- DAMEN 2709 TWIN SCREW TUG 3350BHP BUILT 2012

Reference No: 133262 Type: TUG Year: 2012 Country: NTH Class: BV I + HULL, MACH TUG UNRESTRICTED NAVIGATION, AUT-UMS LOA: 27.02m LBP: 23.84m Beam: 9.10m Draft: 3.200m Depth: 3.600m Auxiliaries: 2 X 70 KW, 140 KW TOTAL. DWT: 200t NT: 167t GT: 167t Bollard Pull: 39T Main Engines: 2 X CAT 3512C TOTAL 3,000BHP AT […]

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May 18, 2021
168059:- DAMEN PUSHY CAT 1204 TUG BUILT 2008

Reference No: 168059 Type: PUSHER TUG Year: 2008 Country: NTH Class: MCA CAT 3, 20 miles from safe haven LOA: 12.29m LBP: 4.13m Beam: Draft: 1.400m Depth: 2.000m Auxiliaries: DWT: NT: GT: 40t Bollard Pull: 2T Main Engines: CATERPILLAR, TYPE 3056 TA/C (RESILIENTLY MOUNTED) BHP: 165 Propulsion: SINGLE SCREW IN NOZZLE Speed: 8.2K Accommodation: Tow […]

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March 12, 2021

Reference No: 43476 Type: TUGYear: 1986Country: ASTClass: LR LOA: 33.92mLBP: 30.00mBeam: 10.82mDraft: 4.923mDepth: 5.410m Auxiliaries: 2 X 150 KW, 300 KW TOTAL. DWT: NT: 141tGT: 470tBollard Pull: 62T Main Engines: 2 X DAIHATSU DIESEL MANUFACTU(8DSM-28)BHP: 4800Propulsion: 2 X NIIGATASpeed: 14K ON 13.5 DO (217.18 CAP.)Accommodation: Tow Winch: YFIFI: Remarks: OVERSEAS BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: THE SHIP […]

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February 4, 2021

Reference No: 168054 Type: Year: 1948Country: GBIClass: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY (CATERGORY C&D SHELTERED WATERS) LOA: 14.54mLBP: Beam: 4.09mDraft: 1.510mDepth: Auxiliaries: DWT: NT: GT: 40tBollard Pull: 2T Main Engines: VOLVO TAMD122A (INSTALLED 2006 2ND HAND)BHP: 380Propulsion: SINGLE SCREWSpeed: Accommodation: Tow Winch: FIFI: Remarks: CLASSIC TOSHER TUG Location: Price:

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October 27, 2020

Reference No: 168041 Type: Year Build: 2006Country: Class: MCA CAT 2 20 MILES FROM SAFE HAVEN LOA: 14.50mBeam: 5.54mDraft: 0.800mDepth: 1.980mAuxiliaries: 1 X ANAN GENERATOR DWT: GT: NT: Deck Area: Deck Strength: Deck Cargo Capacity: Crane: DP: Main Engines: 2 X CUMMINS QSM11BHP: 880Propulsion: 2 X ULTRAJET 340 WATERJETSpeed: MAX 21KTS, CRUISE 16/18KTS Accommodation: Remarks: […]

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October 14, 2020

Reference No: 54710 Type: TUGYear: 1991Country: GBIClass: LR + 100A1 +LMC UK NEAR CONTINENTAL TRADING AREA LOA: 30.64mLBP: 25.00mBeam: 9.60mDraft: 4.116mDepth: 4.800m Auxiliaries: 2 X 312 KW, 1 X 85 KW, 709 KW TOTAL. DWT: NT: 111tGT: 371tBollard Pull: 43T Main Engines: 2 X RUSTON DIESELS LTD(6RK270M)BHP: 3514Propulsion: 2 X AQUAMASTER US 1251/2750Speed: 12K DO […]

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September 23, 2020
16927 SINGLE SCREW, BUILT 1974, 2,600BHP, 40T BP

Reference No: 16927 Type: TUG Year: 1974 Country: ITL Class: RI LOA: 37.39m LBP: 33.02m Beam: 9.50m Draft: 4.220m Depth: 5.110m Auxiliaries: DWT: NT: 104t GT: 349t Bollard Pull: 40T Main Engines: MAN(G8V40/60) BHP: 2600 Propulsion: 1 FPP IN KORT NOZZLE Speed: 13K Accommodation: Tow Winch: Y FIFI: Remarks: Location: MEDITERRANEAN Price: BARGAIN AT ONLY […]

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September 7, 2020
154347 : WFSV BUILT 2013 12 PASS

Reference No: 154347 Type: CREW BOATYear Build: 2013Country: GBIClass: WORKBOAT CERT VALID UNTIL 01/23 LOA: 19.90mBeam: 6.40mDraft: 1.550mDepth: 2.400mAuxiliaries: DWT: GT: NT: Total Pax: 12Deck Area: Deck Strength: Deck Cargo Cap: Crane: Main Engines: 2X CAT C32BHP: 1340Propulsion: TWIN DISC MGX6620A FIXED PITCH PROPSSpeed: 19.9KNTS @ 300L/HR Accommodation: 4 Persons Remarks: REFITTED IN 2015 WITH […]

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September 7, 2020
154187 : WFSV BUILT 2011 12 PASS

Reference No: 154187 Type: CREW BOATYear Build: 2011Country: GBIClass: MCA WORKBOAT CODE 2 LOA: 20.39mBeam: 6.50mDraft: 1.000mDepth: 2.560mAuxiliaries: DWT: GT: NT: Total Pax: 12Deck Area: Deck Strength: Deck Cargo Cap: 2tCrane: N Main Engines: 2 X MAN V12BHP: 2000Propulsion: 2 X ROLLS ROYCE JETSSpeed: 24/26K SERV/MAX Accommodation: 4 Persons Remarks: Location: EC U.K.Price: BEST OFFERS

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September 1, 2020
143873:- VOITH TUG, BUILT 2007, 5,000BHP, 45T BP.

Reference No: 143873 Type: TUGYear: 2007Country: CHRClass: LR 100A1, ESCORT TUG, LMC, IWS, AUSTRALIAN COASTAL SERVICE LOA: 29.50mLBP: 27.55mBeam: 11.50mDraft: Depth: 4.200m Auxiliaries: 2 X CUMMINS 6CTA 8.3 GM155 140 KW 1500 RPM DWT: NT: 105tGT: 355tBollard Pull: 45T Main Engines: 2 X YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE CO L(6EY26) @ 750 RPMBHP: 5004Propulsion: 2 X VOITH […]

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